Raw video: Davenport bus crashes into house

Dash cam video was released by the City of Davenport’s Risk Management Division on Friday, April 11, 2014 of a bus that crashed into a house earlier this year.

Previous reports indicate that on February 13, a Davenport City Bus collided with a vehicle at the intersection of East Locust Street and Grand Avenue. After the crash, the bus struck a house on Grand Ave.

Nobody inside the house was hurt, but three people in the collision were injured- one from the bus and two from the car.

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  • Chuck mcClurg

    Clearly the fault of the bus driver ! Driving a commercial bus with passengers requires extra safety measures, the driver should have come to an almost complete stop before turning left crossing two
    lanes of moving traffic. There was no clear view for the driver to make
    the turn safely.

    Careless bus driver, Back to training 101

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