Davenport Police to lead Carrie Olson investigation

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Carrie Olson photo from Find Carrie Olson Facebook page

After multiple agencies in three states shared their information about Carrie Olson, Davenport Police say they will continue to lead the investigation into her disappearance and death.

Ms. Olson, who was from Davenport, Iowa, was last seen at a gas station in Rock Island, Illinois, December 28, 2013.  She was reported missing December 30, and Davenport Police have led the investigation into her disappearance since that date, according to Assistant Davenport Police Chief Donald Schaeffer.

Davenport Police will continue to be the lead agency, Schaeffer said April 11.

Carrie Olson’s body was found by a land owner about six miles outside of Hastings in Dakota County, Minnesota on April 5, 2014.

Since then, investigators from Davenport, Rock Island, Hastings and Dakota County – as well as the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office where her autopsy was conducted – have met to exchange what they know about the case.

“At this time, everyone is analyzing a tremendous amount of new information,” Schaeffer said.

Authorities were awaiting results of some tests conducted during autopsy to help determine how and when Carrie Olson died.

Now that the lead investigative agency has been decided, they can focus on determining how Carrie Olson got from the Quad Cities to Minnesota and who, if anyone, is a suspect in her disappearance and death.

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  • Jennifer

    I’m so sick of this. We know who the hell did it, AND how she got to Minnesota. Arrest him already and get on with it! Every new day is another day he is free! This is beyond ridiculous!

  • Leigh

    What Jennifer said. I hope you guys are watching Tim, because the way you guys are pussy-footing around, if I was him, I’d be on my way to Canada…

  • TIM

    Im guessing they already have 24hr surveillence on the “suspect”. He aint going anywhere. If you jump the gun the defense will argue they didn’t investigate all options.

  • Columbo

    Great replies everyone. I hope it’s just a matter of hours before they put Tim in jail for good. What an idiot to use her debit card to get gas the morning he kills her and then to drive to MN without a valid drivers license in a stolen car and Carrie in trunk. I presume the autopsy will show he strangled her and then her body appeared fresh due to being frozen and under snow for 3 months. He’ll burn in hell for this hope he is repeatedly prison raped by a large black man

  • Legaleye

    It’s just a matter of time….DPD gave him enough rope to hang himself. As a matter of public record… the “attorney” he “hired” after police questioning is a public defender appointed by Rock Island Superior Court to represent him in his criminal case; driving on a suspended license…all at the expense of the tax payers. He deserves this right why?

  • Eric Reiter

    I thought we lived in America? When did he become guilty until proven innocent? It looks bad for him, and he’s definitely got lots of explaining to do, but I’d rather live in a country where the the police follow the law rather than public opinion.
    Makes you wonder how anyone gets a fair trial anymore.

    • James Wulgaert

      So far you are the only voice of reason I’ve read. It’s not my place to assign blame to anyone unless I am part of the jury. Until all evidence is presented, he should be presumed innocent.

      • Columbo

        True, everyone should be presumed innocent but this case should be a slam dunk for prosecutors. There has always been plenty of circumstantial evidence against Tim. It’s very hard to bring a case without a body and or confession. Now they found her so I assume they are just waiting for autopsy to be completed to arrest him. He was the last to call her at 3:39 am, last to see her cuz they hung out that night, she was seen @ taco bell and 7-11 around 3:30am just blocks from his house. He refused polygraph and lied saying he passed one, he wouldn’t give exact directions to and from MN, he said he dropped her off late Sat night or early Sunday so he can’t even get his timeline accurate, I read his MN gf lives in or near Hastings where she was found which if true is ironic. He needed car badly since he doesn’t have one and no drivers license. He doesn’t have job and heard he possibly owed her money so car to get to MN to go to Vegas with gf and money was his motive. Obviously there prob is more to story. He used HER credit card to buy gas to go to MN that Sunday morning. He prob attacked her on the walk home from 711 or in his house. I’m sure the Davenport police have a lot more accurate details and are soon ready to make the arrest. only question is whether his gf knew and was involved in hiding body.

  • Eddie

    That idiot will now be eligible for the death penalty since the crime was committed across state lines making this a federal case.

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