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Baseball is more than a game to Rockridge coach

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Rockridge High School’s baseball coach looks at the sport as more than a game but a great teacher of life.

Glen Cook was a member of the school’s very first graduating class, and he’s stuck around for his love of the sport and the community.

“I just love Rockridge and I love young people,” Cook said. “I’m so thankful that the good Lord has let me be healthy enough to do the things I can do.”

Cook said baseball has a way of teaching life’s lessons. From players realizing sometimes you have to sit on the bench to a right fielder who has to jump into action late in the game, there is always something to take away from the game.

Players say the coach brings joy to everyone around him. He can be found around the community at different sporting events, and cheering for any team around.

“I love baseball, but the boys let me be a part of them,” Cook said. “I just feel that it’s a family.”