Remainder of ISU celebration cancelled after vandalism, injury

An annual celebration of the Iowa State University community has been suspended.

The celebration, VEISHEA 2014, was supposed to last from April 7 – 13. On Wednesday, April 9, 2014, the university’s president suspended the rest of the celebration.

According to Iowa State University, President Steven Leath announced the suspension after injuries and property damage occurred near the Ames campus.

WHO reported that starting around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday into early Wednesday morning, a car was overturned, stop signs were removed, and light poles were torn down, one of which fell and hit someone in the head causing serious injury. The crowd also reportedly threw bottles at officers who were called to the scene.

“I’m extremely disappointed and saddened by the conduct exhibited by those involved in the events overnight,” Leath said. “I’m also disappointed that this happened during VEISHEA week, which is supposed to highlight the best of Iowa State University.”

According to Iowa State University’s report, students who were involved in the incident could face criminal charges and student disciplinary action, possibly leading to being expelled.

WHO reported that two arrests have been made.

For details on VEISHEA cancellations click here.

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