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HAIL TO THE CHIEF: Celestial Event On Tuesday

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Stargazers! Another celestial event is just days away! During the early morning hours of April 15th comes the first of two lunar eclipses this year to pass through our skies. While lunar eclipses may not be as impressive as a solar eclipse, they’re still pretty cool. Here’s the breakdown:

The celestial shadow starts just after 12:58 am on Tuesday.  The moon will begin to pass through the penumbra, the part of Earth’s shadow where the sun is only partially blocked out.

blog picture1

At 2:07am the total eclipse will begin as the moon will be completely shadowed by Earth, and will continue so for close to an hour and a half (3:25am) before leaving the umbra stage. The moon will then leave the partial eclipse or penumbra stage at 4:33am.


Click here for a calculator to show you exactly when you’ll see each phase in your town.

If you can’t see it outside, the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles said they will have a live stream of the event, click here.

Now, if you’re able to get a chance to view this event, no problem. The next total lunar eclipse takes place on the morning of October 8th. Full totality takes place a bit later beginning at 5:24am and last for a full hour.

But folks, we’re not done yet! After a couple of weeks, October 23rd will lead to a partial Solar Eclipse. Thats right, Solar! Thats when the moon will be between the Sun and the earth creating a partial shadow across the area. This eclipse begins at 4:45pm, with the shadow moving from right to left. It reaches its peak an hour later with 45% of the sun covered before ending an hour later.  Here’s what the peak coverage will look like:


So, a trifecta in celestial bodies during this year!  WOW!!


  • john marc

    I hate all these stupid science Articles that show times of events without time zones, sheesh!

  • Paul Fisher

    I am happy you have given successful lectures, but you have NOT succeeded in your attempt to show any validity for your metaphysical /religious beliefs. Every day, we see “elaborate sand castles” in nature, whether they be the beautiful intricate patterns in sand dunes, the fractal beauties of weather patterns, or the awesome magesties of evolution-derived life forms…all exaplainable by natural fores and natural laws, not a product of a conscious entity. You may believe what you want, but don’t pretend your beliefs trump the glory of man’s intelligence : Scientific reasoning.

    Paul Fisher, M.D. Associate Professor

  • WW

    This is a local Minnesota station, so figure it out folks – they’re speaking to a local audience. Stop complaining about a local station not telling you when these events will takę place in your area, and start complaining about your local station not providing the same level of coverage. I live in the Eastern Time Zone, but guess what, The time of these events in Minneapolis does not work by just subtracting an hour. Every locality is different. So stop beating up poor Paul Fisher and go ask your local weatherman for the details.

    • John Marc

      WW – this is the INTERNET – not a local bulletin board.
      I should not have to search to see where the site is located. I see the headline NOW shows the state. But the comment was more a general comment and yes, I should not complain here as much as in the big science sites that do this, where I have no idea on location.

      PS you mean James Zahara? Not Paul Fisher. See? Easy to get crosseyed reading on the web

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