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Change planned for Colona intersection after father and son die in crash

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It's an intersection notorious for accidents, but after the death of a father and son, a family friend has made it his mission to get something done.

At Miss Franklin's barbershop in Colona, Illinois it's usual shop talk.

"You get to hear it all," said owner, Allison Franklin.

This time it's about an intersection just up the road from Franklin's. The intersection is at Route 6 and Illinois 84.

"You do cross your fingers, because you don't know if somebody's going to come there full fledged out there and go fast," said Franklin about the intersection.

Police officer Jeff Wilson has been fighting for almost a year for something to be done, pushing the Illinois Department of Transportation to install a stop light there. The last fatal accident there happened last June, 2013. In the wreckwas Wilson's friend Scott Teerlink, and Teerlink's ten-year-old son Luke, who both died.

"It is a bad intersection, there's just no doubt about it. This corner has been trouble for a very long time. I felt the urge to say something," said Wilson.

Since the crash, IDOT has added more signs and even flashing lights, but Wilson says plans to add a stoplight there have been postponed.

"It would be nice to see it happen maybe a little faster, you know, lets hope something doesn't else happen between now and then," said Wilson.

However, Wilson says it's a start, and the changes are better late than never.

"Lets try to fix it at least so it doesn't have to happen, you know? Let's makes it better, lets make it safe," said Wilson.

IDOT representatives say the intersection will no longer be a two-way stop. They will put in a stop light as well as some turn lanes. They expect construction to start spring 2015.


  • Lori Schefsky

    It was my brother in law and nephew that were list in this preventable fatal accident. Would love to know who to make some noise to to have on agenda for this spring. Why wait?? These are lives we are talking about saving.

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