Body found in Minnesota confirmed to be Carrie Olson

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Authorities in Minnesota confirm Carrie Olson of Davenport, Iowa is the woman whose body was found in a field there April 5, 2014.

The sheriff's office of Dakota County initially reported a landowner found the body of an adult woman at about 5:30 p.m. Saturday, April 5 in a wooded area in rural Dakota County, Minnesota.

The body had been there less than 36 hours according to the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office.

A spokesman for Davenport Police confirmed they had been in contact with Dakota County authorities, but he declined to offer any details about that contact.

Carrie Olson was last seen at a Rock Island gas station in December 2013.

In a statement issued Tuesday evening, April 8, 2014, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed the body was that of Carrie Olson.  Her date and time of death were officially listed as the time her body was discovered - 5:05 p.m. Saturday, April 5, 2014.  That could change after autopsy tests are conducted.

Information about the cause of death was not yet released.

In an April 9 statement, Dakota County Sheriff Dave Bellows said his investigators were working with Davenport and Rock Island Police as the investigation continues.

Investigators from Rock Island and Davenport police departments will travel to Hastings, Minnesota to meet with Dakota County investigators according to an April 9 statement from Donald Schaeffer, Assistant Chief of Davenport Police.

"Once that is accomplished, it should determine which agency is in the best position to proceed with the investigation, and the other two agencies will take supportive roles," Schaeffer said.

For more of our coverage of Carrie Olson’s disappearance, click here.


  • TF

    I knew it. I knew the chances of finding her alive weren’t good. What I want to know, how did she get in Minnesota? If there were missing fliers out, how did anyone not see them? (Assuming they went via plane)

  • Amanda

    The boyfriend or x boyfriend drove to Minnesota that night…he was confirmed filling up gas and told authorities he just got back from minnesota. I had a ugly feeling she was in MN…not here. this is just devastating news :( so sorry for her family

    • Elizabeth

      Amanda…I agree with everything you wrote. Word for word. I was going to say the same thing. However, the 36 hours throws me off. She has been alive this whole time? Then just recently died? There has to be some mistake.

  • Kristen h

    What is strange to me is why the body was there for less than 36 hours? Was she alive this whole time and then killed? Very fishy! So sorry for her family

  • Renee

    Illinois needs to go get her before Minnesota messes up the chance for her to have justice served. They already ruled her death the time she was found, so wrong….. that needed to be determined by autopsy, plus DNA. This was no accidental death

  • Come on people

    The article says her body has been there for at least 36 hours… not “only” for 36 hours. It’s been freezing for months. That hinders the investigation as far as the time of death. I’m sure upon further investigation they will be more accurate. Read and re read people.

    • Elizabeth

      Who needs to READ and RE-READ????? Apparently, YOU DO!!! It says less than 36 hours NOT at least 36 hours!!! LESS THAN 36 HOURS!!! SMH……

  • dawn

    No. The article says she had been there less than 36 hours. Thats why everyone is confused. Was she alive this whole time and just hidden somewhere. I hope the family gets the answers im sure they need. But for now, they can bring her home and say their goodbyes to her. Prayers to all of her friends and family.

    • TIM

      No his girlfriend had her stashed out somewhere (Garage maybe). It has been below freezing since late december in Minnesota.

  • K

    It says the body had been there LESS than 36 hours… Don’t “come on people!” When you can’t read the article right. Everyone is curious about this… A lot of ppl worried for her. Don’t make anyone else sound stupid because they are bewildered with the situation!!!

  • jim

    I dont know what article youbare referring to. Clearly you cant read. It says the body was there less than 36 hours. That means 37 hours ago it was NOT THERE.

  • Cathy

    Only God knows why terrible things like this happen. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. There is evil in this world. Let us pray for Carrie’s family to finally find peace and comfort in his word.

  • joyce llaca

    People,people, right now ALL IS SPECULATION! A life has been taken from those who loved and love her still.. use some decency and care in your comments here. My heart, my prayers and my sympathies go out to those who knew her best and loved her most.

    • JR

      Thank you…just thinking the same! Thoughts and prayers to the family…everything else will take care of itself.

  • Tim

    There must be justice for Carrie Olson and her grieving family, I will look forward to it. Rest in Eternal Peace Carrie.

  • CJ

    The body may have been there less then 36 hrs but it doesnt mean she wasnt killed when she went missing and then the body was moved when the perp was feeling the heat. Autopsy will hopefully give more clues and hopefully DNA. The freezing weather doesnt necessarily hinder anything.. it may have even preserved some of the possible evidence… Hope they catch the a hole !

    • TIM

      Someone was storing it… The weather starts to get warm and they realize they have to get rid of it because it is starting to decompose. “cough Cough** New Girlfriend who he went to Vegas with”

      • Red74

        @TIM – You are trying very hard to point fingers away from her ex-boyfriend and point them towards the “new girlfriend”. I have seen your same comments several times. This case will be solved in due time. The truth always comes out eventually. We should focus on the fact that this woman’s life was taken from her and her family just lost their loved one. My thoughts and prayers go out to Carrie’s family and friends. RIP Carrie.

  • HD

    RIP Carrie and prayers to your family. Tim -cough cough-seems pretty adamant he has the “answer” cough cough

    • TIM

      @HD .. I can’t helo it that I am smarter than you. Whats your theory? He obviously had help from someone hiding the body.

  • Josh

    there saying know her body has been there longer then what they originaly stated. There saying months know.

  • Wendy Fifer

    I am so very sorry to know that Carrie’s story has ended in such a tragic way. My prayers are coming to all of you. This is certainly not a time to make smart aleck remarks about how this all came to pass. Carrie’s family does not need to see some of the comments made. Put yourselves in their positions.

  • TIM

    @ Wendy… Yeah because they are sitting at home reading WQAD news comments? Come on get yer head outta yer A s s

    • Mary

      @Time. A similar tragedy happened in my family, and yes…I did nothing but pour over the comments in all the news stories, blogs, etc. They said some horrible things. But reading them was addicting. So, maybe you should get your head out of your own rear and have a tiny bit of compassion.

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