Video: What happens when you upset a close-knit town

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When members of Westboro Baptist Church picketed in Moore, Oklahoma, the local residents let it be known that Westboro demonstrators were not welcome.

The church had announced plans to picket in Moore, because the church contends God sent a tornado to the town as retribution for tolerance of homosexuality according to KFOR-TV. The church was granted a permit to demonstrate for 30 minutes in front of a school where elementary classes have been relocated since the tornado.

Hundreds of residents of Moore were ready when the picketing got underway. Loud vehicles drove by and cheering crowds kept the noise level high.

Eight minutes into the half-hour protest, some Moore residents crossed the street in the direction of the Westboro demonstrators, who quickly turned and left.


  • TF

    To the person who wrote the article, lets get something straight. Westboro Baptist is not a church. They’re a cult.

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