Lights, cameras and action at the Scott County Jail

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The Scott County Jail's library looks more like a Hollywood set on Monday. But this isn't the latest detective show.

Lt. Stefanie Burnett is in the hot seat. She's participating in a training video for the National Institute of Corrections.

"I think it's a huge perk for the facility," she said.

The video is featuring how the jail uses direct supervision. That's where one officer supervises at least 64 inmates. Just 10% of America's jails use this technique.

"It's very intimidating until you actually come and do it," Burnett said.

Virginia-based Rocket Media Group is producing the video. It aims at educating correctional officers and communities across the country.

The crew will also visit jails in Texas, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. They expect the 30-minute video to be ready in August.

"Scott County has got a nice facility," said Producer/Director Ward LeHardy. "It's a great example of how direct supervision works."

Burnett detailed Scott County's set-up. Direct supervision that's now becoming a role model across the country.

"Our jail is a great example of what direct supervision is, how programs work, how they're helpful to the inmates," she said.

Scott County Sheriff's Department continues to turn heads with its innovative jail that opened in 2007. It's the kind of system that can help inmates.

"These inmates are not all bad," Burnett concluded. "If you treat them with respect, typically they will treat you with respect."

Hometown techniques with Hollywood helping to deliver the message.