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Driver fights off three cops before collapsing along I-80

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A driver somehow managed to fight off three police officers during a struggle that lasted nearly 15 minutes along Interstate 80 near West Branch.

It started when troopers got a call about a semi being driven erratically on eastbound I-80 just after 2 p.m. Sunday, April 6, 2014, according to KCRG.

Troopers pulled over the semi at mile marker 257, just east of West Branch.

The driver reportedly became combative, and two troopers at the traffic stop could not calm him down.

What happened instead was a physical confrontation along the side of the interstate between the driver, two troopers and the Cedar County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy.

The struggle lasted 13 minutes before the driver finally agreed to be restrained.

Then he went “unresponsive,” the report said. The two troopers performed CPR, and the driver was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Iowa City.

A spokesman for Iowa State Police said the driver’s actions, and evidence in his truck, pointed to the possibility that the driver was under the influence of a narcotic drug.

The driver’s name was not yet released.


  • Chad

    Cops nowadays clearly violate your rights because you may not know the extent of them. Police always back each other up and lie for each other. I know my rights and I will never allow them to harass or bully me. What happened to real cops?

  • karin

    You sound like a trouble maker, Chad! I have never been harassed by the police because I don’t do anything to make them harass me. You need to look at both sides of the issue. If the man was driving erratically, the police had the right to stop him. Unless he had something to hide, why would he become combative?

    • angela

      You are WRONG Karin! May you never have to go through what I have in your life! Until you do, you will NOT understand! I had 3 officers LIE and say I jumped out of my car and attacked them! Everyone that knows me knows I am NOT in any way that type of person! They are extremley dangerous to us taxpayer’s when they wear a badge! I have tried to get them to have to wear cams at all times after what happened to me! Unless you have wittnesses, you are guilty!!!!! I was also maced all while sitting in the driver’s seat of my car! Totally insaine!

  • Angela Werner-Ward

    The person involved in this incident is a family memeber of mine. Drugs had NO PART in this incident. He fell victim to a hereditary trait in my family. A BLOOD CLOT broke free and traveled to his brain. This caused the behaviors that he exhibited before he collapsed and died.

    • Tammy Gromm

      I’m sorry for your loss. I was thinking when reading the story that there may have been something medically wrong. I left a comment about my medical issue I had behind the wheel. May God be with you and your family in this difficult time.

  • angela

    I hope you get a really good attourney Angela! They will lie thier rumps off to get out of this one!

  • sean

    West branch is not the quad cities so the cops ain’t huge dickheads. State troopers don’t like messing with semi because they out there working just like them. But in order for a trooper to stop a semi that semi had to be doingsomething wrong. Did he miss the weight station? What was in the trailer alot of important shit is left out of this report. Also when did west branch become part of the QCA next its going to be Iowa city and cedar rapids

  • another1

    Sounds like another 15min Rodney King a*ss woopin. Though we don’t know if he was black but 3 cops took 15 mins to subdue one person? They have multiple non-lethal weapons at their disposal. Tazers, kubotons, clubs, cuffs, rubber bullets, pepper spray and most know some type of self-defense. Show us the dashcam. And why did they leave out the fact that he died later and wasn’t under the influence of anything?

  • Tammy Gromm

    I read all the comments before I decided to comment. And just because someone is driving erratic doesn’t always mean they are under the influence. Like the young lady who happened to be a relative of this man, people have medical problems that may mimic drugs or alcohol. I had a seizure behind the wheel, I have epilepsy, and can’t predict when I will have a seizure. Because of this I lost my permit and will never be able to drive due to the fact I have to go one year without a seizure just to get a permit. And one more thing, I’m very sorry, to the young lady who was related to the driver, about the loss of your loved one. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

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