Teske Pet and Garden celebrates 92 years

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There was a big celebration Saturday, April 5, 2014, at a local pet and garden store.

Teske Pet and Garden is celebrating 92 years of business.

Inside the red building with the white trim,

"I think people like the ambiance, it's kind of dirty but people like it here,” said Teske’s Manager Darcy Rogers.

There were guests,

“We brought some chickens, lambs, baby chicks, roosters, things that people just don't get a chance to see,” said Brian Fotezler.

And long time regulars like Franklin Lemberg.

“I remember seeing fish in here when I was a little kid,” said Lemberg.

“We know people, we just know them by the first names and just regular people come in all the time,” said Rogers.

It might be that knowing that has kept Teske’s in business for 92 years.

“I think its small business, family, people want that. We do try to offer services that maybe other places won't,” said Rogers.

“I think it's fabulous that Teske's has been around for this long, I think it's great for the Quad Cities to be here,” said Fotezler.

“I think it's great, it's good, not too many of them do that anymore,” said Lemberg.

The store’s history is detailed in black and white photos and old newspaper clippings that hang on the Moline store’s walls. Teske’s once housed a lioness and in March 1951, a fire swept through the warehouse causing $75,000 worth of damage. But for nine decades, they’ve managed to stay in business, even expanding with a location in Bettendorf.

“It's awesome we are withstanding any box stores for this long. It's been a really hard struggle, cause they have everything we have,” said Rogers.

All of this was reason to celebrate with cake to thank the customers who keep coming back.

Teske’s also has sales and deals all weekend to celebrate their 92nd anniversary.