Exelon plant getting back on track

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Days after a pipe leaked water onto electrical equipment at the Exelon Nuclear plant in Cordova and shut down a unit reactor, the unit is getting back on track.

A spokesperson from Exelon Generation said refueling began on Unit 2 on Saturday, April 5, 2014. Workers also planned to perform more than 10,000 inspections and maintenance activities, replace electrical cables, and complete other work while it is offline.

“With the scheduled refueling outage only days away and the unit is already offline, it made sense to begin the refueling activities now,” said QC Site Vice President Scott Darin. “The Quad Cities team has been working for the past 24 months to plan a safe and effective outage.”

A spokesperson from the plant said Unit 1 continued to supply electricity during the outage of Unit 2.