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Dad sends daughter vivid message: ‘Clean Your Room’

Teen's room moved to driveway

Teen's room moved to driveway

When his teenage daughter defied dad’s request to keep her room clean, he let her know what a big deal it is by moving her entire room out of the house.

The man, a Fort Stewart (Georgia) soldier who didn’t want to be identified, was fed up with daughter Haley’s messy room, so he moved all of it to the driveway according to WSAV-TV.

Haley was initially upset, but later understood the message sent, when her belongings were outside along with a sign that read, “Haley room moved to driveway/clean it next time.”

Dad describes Haley as an honor roll student. After making his point, good old dad agreed to put a fresh coat of paint on her room to help motivate her to keep it clean.

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    • Mary

      And yet….they learn by it. It’s not humiliating…It’s called consequences for your actions. Better to learn now than be out in your first apartment when your landlord asks you to do something and then evicts you for not doing it.

  • no

    Seriously great way to get the point across! I love that the Dad agreed to paint her room too. This Dad appears to genuinely care about his daughter. Creative punishment and his daughter learns about consequences for her actions, or lack of, in this case.

  • jd wardrop

    Its great to see another father who thinks like I do. Life is all about consequences. How any one can say this is humiliating is ludicrous. In this life you screw up you pay. The sooner you learn that the better your life.

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