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Background checks questioned after Davenport elementary school scandal

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Questions have been raised after "covertly placed" video cameras were found in a girls' restroom at a Davenport elementary school.

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Police said three warrants were issued for the arrest for Dishon Isabel, an employee of the Stepping Stones after-school program and people are now wondering if something like this could have been preventable.

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Davenport Community School District spokesperson Dawn Saul said the district performs two background checks on every employee considered for hire at any Davenport School.

"One is through Inquire Hire, a company that provides background checks based on the applicant’s name, social security number and all counties/states of residence reported," Saul said. "The other background check is through SING Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation, which goes back seven years and includes the sex offender registry."

Along with the two background checks, three references are required during the interview process, including one from a previous employer.

Saul said if anything comes up during the background or reference checks, it could result in the applicant being disqualified from the interview process.

The same goes for the employee if something is found after they have been hired, it could be "grounds for termination of employment," Saul said.

New Iowa Code requires a new background check on all public school employees every five years. Isabel had been an employee of the district for four years.

For more information on policy and procedure with employee background checks in schools:

Illinois Board of Education background check information is online at this link -->

Iowa Department of Education background check information is at this link -->