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Mail delivery halted over a Chihuahua-mix dog

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The Postal Service stopped deliveries to part of a Cedar Rapids neighborhood after a mail carrier reported feeling threatened by a Chihuahua-mix dog.

After the mail carrier saw the dog unrestrained for the fifth time, mail delivery ended for about a dozen homes according to KCRG.

The dog owner says the animal is a “nice dog” that is friendly and plays with his children. He says the dog is usually indoors, but occasionally does get out.

Neighbors had mixed reactions to the situation.

One neighbor said the Chihuahua-mix had chased her family as they made their way from their own driveway to their home, and that the dog bit her five-year-old once.

Others say they don’t care how the situation is resolved, as long as mail delivery resumes.

City officials confirmed animal control had visited the dog owner twice over complaints about the animal.

“Once we know that the dog owner has taken responsibility, and make sure that dog is not running free in that neighborhood, the mail deliver will continue,” said USPS spokesman Richard Watkins.

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  • Pam Letsch

    I’m pretty sure there are LEASH LAWS in Cedar Rapids! If the dog is running loose, the owner should be ticketed. If the dog is a nuisance, and has a bite record, there should be action taken.
    I don’t blame the mail carrier!

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