Beyond the Green Screen: Chirping is for the Birds

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“Shut up!”

That’s what my dear friend and coworker Gimmy yelled to the birds chirping outside of the studio. Apparently not everyone likes the sounds of spring. To be fair, they were being a little loud.

I asked Gimmy if I could take a picture with him by the bushes of birds but he declined.

It had me thinking of all things spring. It’s the transition from winter to summer that includes a roller coaster of temperatures, sometimes snow, thunderstorms, flooding, thawing of the ground, birds chirping, allergies, golf, baseball and lots more. There’s a little something for everyone during this season.

While spring isn’t my favorite season, it definitely has its perks. For one, it’s not winter. Climbing out of the deep freeze is exciting. Smelling neighbors cooking out on the grill can be torturous but it’s still a pleasant smell.

Gimmy wanted to point out that golf is the only thing he looks forward to in spring.😉

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