DeWitt wedding fight debuts on Dr.Phil

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It's a fairy tale wedding gone bad for one Quad City-area couple and it's now capturing national attention, appearing on the Dr. Phil show.

The family's hoping to move past the disaster wedding.

Dewitt, Iowa is a pretty quiet, small town that is home to a little more than 5,000 people.

But a wedding, eight months ago, put Dewitt on the map and a family in the national spotlight.  The family made their debut on Dr.Phil on April 1, 2014.

It started as the perfect day, followed by what was supposed to be Lisa Moore's dream wedding.

"It was a like a real fairy tale wedding, it was almost like a dream come true," said Moore on Dr.Phil.

The reception was held at the Clinton County Fairgrounds. Soon after the first dance, fists were flying.

"I was on the dance floor and I heard there was commotion going on outside. I watched my dad hold his eye, see the blood dripping down his face and I ran outside to see what was going on," said Moore.

Lisa says three uninvited guests were told to leave, but came back later, causing a confrontation with Lisa's husband. Things soon took a turn for the worse.  The commotion was captured on video. Moore's wedding dress got shut in the door of a minivan and she ended up being dragged 20 feet.

"I can't believe I was that bride that got run over by a minivan," said Moore.

Her uncle was run over by the van as well.  He now has a hard time walking.

Eight months later, the family's working to move on, though Moore says she'll never forget that fateful day.

"I think about my wedding every day. I look at my wedding pictures and all I can think about is the accident.  No bride should say they spent their wedding night in the hospital," said Moore.

Dr.Phil's advice for the bride, who's avoided her uncle because of guilt was to stop running from it.

Despite everything that's happened, Moore - who's still married - wants to have another wedding.

One that's hopefully not in the national spotlight.