Rubik’s Cube competition helps kids with real-life skills

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Competitors from all over the Midwest came to Dixon to try their hands at the classic puzzle: Rubik’s Cube.

About 80 kids from states including Kentucky, Iowa, Minnesota, and Michigan came to compete in different categories and events from fastest time to fewest moves. Some categories even had participants compete blindfolded.

Competitors said it was a challenge that can help with real-life skills.

“It’s helped improve my problem solving skills,” said competitor Scott Guinard, who has been practicing the Rubik's Cube for about a year. “My thinking got faster and I could remember stuff easier because you’ve got to remember the moves you want to do so it does help your memory a lot.”

Organizers say some kids were able to solve the frustrating puzzle in 30 moves.

The World Cube Association hosted the event.

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