Walleye caught near Clinton comes close to state record

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Dale Merchant with walleye caught in Mississippi River near Clinton - photo from Iowa DNR on Facebook

A monster walleye caught in the Mississippi River came close to the state record in Iowa.

Dale Merchant released the huge catch made in the tailwaters of Lock and Dam 13 according to the DNR’s Facebook post.

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The day after they posted Merchant’s photo with the fish, the DNR announced the fish was one pound shy of tying the state record.

Merchant’s catch weighed 13 pounds, 8 ounces and measured 29 inches long.

“The current Iowa record walleye was caught in Spirit Lake during 1968,” according to the DNR website. “The fish was 31 1/2 inches in length and weighed 14 pounds, 2 ounces. Several larger individuals have been reported in netting operations for brood fish.”


  • JPOutdoors

    Congratulations on catching at true trophy walleye. And thank you for releasing this prime breeder, it will provide thousands of walleyes for all of us to enjoy. You are a fine example of a true sportsman.

    • Thomas Brown

      This is to congratulate Dale for catching this fish.

      Some people dont realize that catching a walleye of this size is like getting a hole in one in golf or like bowling a 300 game two times in a row.
      Dale puts in the time that it takes to have a chance to catch one of these

      Congratulation Dale

      Tom B.

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