Pay It Forward: A Love of Music

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There are a lot of helping hands when it comes to a school music program.

In addition to the band director, moms and dads volunteer a lot of time to keep the music going.

Searching through a sea of musicians and instruments at Muscatine High School, Judy Snyder is looking for her friend and band mom Janet Clark.

"She has a love of playing music," says Snyder.

That love - and all she does to show it - is why Snyder nominated Clark for the News 8 and Ascentra Credit Union Pay It Forward program.

When you ask Janet Clark about the work she does, her answer is simple: "I love it, I love to get to know the kids."

Knowing the kids and watching the students grow from freshmen is something, she says, makes all of her volunteering well worth it.  Plus, it's a way to pass on her love for music.

The high school band isn't the only place she shares her talent.

"I still play my trumpet that I bought in 1972 when I was in high school band," Clark says.

"She also does taps for fallen soldiers with in a 50-mile radius of Muscatine, and she has no fee for that. Wear and tear on her car, time out of her day, sitting in cold weather trying to blow her horn in freezing temperatures, she's done a lot and never asks for anything in return," Snyder said.

Honoring soldiers is something Clark has done for years.

"I've done that since I was 13, so it's the last thing I can do for a person and it's quite an honor, I think," Clark said.

It's just one way she shares her music with the area.


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