Local church seeks help in distributing mass amounts of food

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To lend a hand to area food banks, a Quad City church has been partnering with a food bank south east of the area.

Each month the Midwest Food Bank from Peoria sends a semi truck full of food to the Q.C. Heritage Church partnered with the food bank to make this happen.

The project has been growing and growing, according to Heritage Church’s Outreach Pastor Eric Mills. He said it began as an idea from one person and the amount of food they distribute has grown immensely. So much that the Peoria food bank is looking to send two semis full of food each month, instead of just the one.

“Our hearts are just really to care for people,” said Mills. “We as a church want to be a place that people know that we meet the very practical needs that people have. Everybody deserves to have food and to provide a meal to their families.”

To distribute the growing amount of food, churches, ministries, and food banks looking to help give out the food to needy people are urged to call 309-732-0026.

Heritage Church has campuses in Bettendorf, Rock Island, and Blue Grass.