Black Hawk job fair attracts plenty of employers

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Black Hawk college held its 2014 job fair today and invited 75 different employers.

Laura Debaillie graduated from Black Hawk college last May and was excited to see what kind of opportunities there were at the fair.

"I'm just seeing what sort of careers I can get," said Debaillie.

One of the things Debaillie said surprised her was how many people she is competing with.

"There's more than one generation going at it now. Now you have a lot of the retirees going back because a lot of them are running out of money and I'm in competition with a lot of them," said Debaillie.

On Tuesday, Governor Pat Quinn announced his annual budget plan and said there were more people working now in Illinois than there were five years ago and that the state has added over 200,000 jobs, but Illinois is still ranked as having over a seven percent unemployment rate.

The incredible amount of people looking for jobs will mean a little more variety for employers to choose from.

Mandy Mason works for HNI Hon and Alsteel in Muscatine and said last year the company hired five hundred employees.

"It's interesting because it's a really diverse population right now with the current economy. We have people that have been unemployed for a week, and we're also seeing a lot of currently employed people that are now looking for work," Mason said. "We're really just looking for hardworking, flexible individuals who are looking to start their career."

Employers who were at the job fair hope to start calling back prospective hires sometime in the following week.