Man pulls gun during hearing in Iowa courtroom

Cory Daugherty photo from Madison County Jail

Cory Daugherty photo from Madison County Jail

An Iowa man convicted on drug charges faces even more charges after he reportedly pulled a gun on police in court.

Cory Daugherty, 29, was reportedly silent as he was sentenced Monday, March 24, 2014 to ten years in prison after he was convicted in Madison County for several drug charges filed against him in August 2013.

Court records showed Daugherty had previously been released on bond while awaiting trial.

After the sentence was announced, Daugherty began yelling in objection to the sentence and, as police approached him, he pulled a handgun from his pants according to our sister station WHO-TV.

Deputies tried to handcuff him and tased him in the arm, but Daugherty managed to run from the courthouse.

Nearby schools were locked down, and Daugherty was later captured a few blocks from the courthouse. Police said they found two loaded guns in a nearby trash bin.

Madison County Judge Richard Clogg, who sentenced Daugherty, said he wants to see courthouse security increased to include armed deputies and metal detectors at entrances, WHO reported.


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