Iowa mayor pushes medical marijuana use to be legalized for epileptics

medical marijuana

For years, Iowa lawmakers have debated legalizing medical marijuana. West Des Moines Mayor, Steve Gaer is pushing them to consider allowing epileptics to use it.

According to a report by the Des Moines Register, Gaer’s 24-year-old daughter has a rare form of epilepsy that causes violent seizures. The condition has impacted her development. After trying many different medicines and treatments, they researched medical marijuana, and believe that is her best option.

Radio Iowa reported that Gaer argues that a liquefied version of the drug is low on THC so users cannot get high on it. His hope is that lawmakers will allow epileptics to use this drug.

“They’ve recognized that it’s very helpful for these folks,” Gaer said, according to Radio Iowa. “It’s not addictive. It can’t be abused.”

Our sister station, WHO, reported that ten Iowa senators signed a resolution to generate further study of the use of medical marijuana. The bill will be sent to the Iowa Legislative Council, asking them to have the study complete by December 2014.


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