Science becomes fun and games for QC students

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The Illinois Math and Science Center (IMSA) held one of their fun shops today at the QC Botanical Center where kids participated in experiments that promote science in an entertaining way.

Ben Kirgen is an assistant teacher for IMSA and said his favorite part of teaching the fun shops is watching the kids get excited about serious subjects.

"It's great when they make connections between normal lessons or normal things that they might see in an everyday classroom but since they're able to explore it in a unique way, a lot of times some new unexpected levels of understanding kind of come about," said Kirgen.

One of the activities today used everyday materials to show how a volcano works.

"We put in vinegar in these containers and we used baking soda and tried to estimate the amount to see which would make the biggest eruption and volcano," said one of the students, Erin Flannigan.

IMSA teachers were excited to see the students learning about science and hope they take today's lessons with them into the future.

"Hopefully this will inspire kids to choose some pathway that's related to science down the road," said Kirgen.