Bustos, Schilling set for Congressional race rematch

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Tuesday's primary election set up a Congressional race rematch between current U.S. Representative Cheri Bustos and former Congressman Bobby Schilling.

In November 2012, it was Democrat Cheri Bustos who unseated Republican Bobby Schilling. This time around, Schilling hopes to return the favor in what is sure to be a hotly-contested race.

"It'll be a very, very fiery campaign," said Schilling. "But what's really good for us this time around is that now she has a track record."

On Wednesday, Congresswoman Bustos stopped by a Rock Island daycare, taking the opportunity to talk about women's issues and her two-year track record. Along with helping pass a new farm bill and federal budget, Bustos said she considers securing funding for Thomson Prison to be her biggest accomplishment in office.

"We landed $54 million to get the Thomson Prison open, after that project has been talked about for more than 15 years," said Bustos. "I think we have a lot to point to where we've had some success."

Thursday, Schilling said the past two years have been a time for him to step back and reflect on his time in office.

"I probably would have tried to reach across, not only to Dave Loebsack, but other Democrats in the area; tried to work a little bit harder with Senator Durbin," said Schilling.

Even after Democrats' near sweep of the 2012 election, though, Schilling said the 2014 midterm election will be different.

"Oh yeah, the [Republican] party is definitely strong enough," said Schilling. "In the off-year election, it's a totally different electorate."

Schilling has already made several promises to voters this time around.

"I'm not going to take the Congressional healthcare, I'm going to bring my own healthcare to Washington, D.C. I'm going to reject the pension that's there for members of Congress," said Schilling.

Bustos said she's also ready for another hard-fought race and looking forward to November.

"I'll make a promise that we'll continue to fight for jobs, to make sure that we focus on economic development," said Bustos.

The Washington Post has already named the Bustos-Schilling race one of the top 10 House rematches of 2014. That election will take place on November 4, 2014.