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A new push for tax increase in Rock Island County

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24 hours after several measures to raise taxes in the Quad Cities failed, there's a new push in Rock Island County to do just that. It could be the next ballot issue to come up in November.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 the Rock Island County board voted in favor of a tax increase.

"Local governments are struggling and the hope is that with the Fair Tax that it would help  the state`s finances and then that all trickles down to the local governments being able to get more money," said board member, Richard Brunk.

The vote is a recommendation for the state of Illinois to put the Fair Tax Act on the ballot in November. A tax increase that's based on income.

"It will not only make the tax structure more fair for middle class and lower income workers and families, but I think it will also help the state with its financial situation," said Brunk.

However, not all of the board members are on board.

"We're going to drive people to Iowa. We're going to drive businesses to Iowa. We're going to drive residents to Iowa," said board member Drue Mielke.

Mielke says the average household income in Rock Island County will pay $400 or more in taxes. While some taxpayers say it's time for a change.

"I don't think I'm being taxed fairly, you know we need more revenues. The state of Illinois in dire straits," said Mike Malmstrom, who lives in Moline.

A decision that ultimately will be left up to them.

"If we stay with a flat tax we're dead in water," said Malmstrom.

While the board voted in favor of it, there's no guarantee the state legislature will vote on the issue, let alone vote to put it on the ballot in November.