Report: Union bosses urge crossing party lines to try to defeat Rauner

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State union bosses are urging members in Illinois to pull Republican ballots for State Senator Kirk Dillard in today's primary, to try and defeat frontrunner Bruce Rauner.

"Clearly there are some voters who have historically taken a "D" ballot, are taking an "R" ballot, presumably in connection with AFSCME or the teacher's union. There's no doubt about it," said John Brown, Rock Island Deputy County Clerk.

Republican poll watcher Art Lochrie says he is tracking registered Democrats at his polling place in Moline.

"I'm seeing Democrats, registered Democrats coming in and asking for Republican ballots, to probably try to sway the Republican primary so they have a weaker candidate to go up against the Governor in November," Lochrie said.

Brown says he is not a fan of the crossover, and it will be at least the day after the election to investigate how many registered Democrats did in Rock Island County, whatever their motivation.

Earlier this week, local AFSCME leader Carlene Erno said that "at this point, Kirk Dillard is the candidate that most closely represents us."

"They have a right to favor their labor local as opposed to "their" party, that's fine. It does expose some people. They have their own self interests and when push comes to shove, their interest is the union, then the party," he said. "I would never do it, my arm would fall off."

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