Sewage problems continue for some in East Moline

Sewage with nowhere to go. For more than a month, some people in East Moline have dealt with frozen sewer lines.

“I think it’s just disgusting,” said Wayne Carlson.

Carlson’s sewer line has been frozen since February 17, 2014 and he has started pumping it out on his own through his neighbor’s line.

“I’m out here, 3 times a week just playing in poop,” he said.

Bill Houser’s sewage was coming out of the ground.

“It was just bubbling up out of the ground, right there,” he said.

Several other homes in the area of 40th Street and 4th Avenue A and B in East Moline have the same issue.

“One resident, thank goodness actually has had their sewer service open and flowing free now,” said Tim Kammler, Director of Engineering for the City of East Moline.

The City of East Moline has sent a crew out to pump out the sewage twice, a service  they say is more than necessary because the frozen line is the homeowner’s responsibility—but those impacted want more done.

“I’d like them to just fix it,” said Carlson.

Mostly because of what he and others have been finding. The City of East Moline required those living in the neighborhood to install the sewer system a few years ago. According to Kammler, pipes should have been installed at a minimum 42 to 48 inches. Carlson believes his are only 36 inches deep. Part of Houser’s pipe is only 22 inches below the ground.

Several of the impacted residents were at the East Moline City Council meeting Monday, March 17, 2014.

“If there seems to be an issue where a contractor that was employed by the City, that did a substandard installation, that’s something that we would look into,” said Kammler.

For now, Kammler says he has been coordinating help to clear the pipes for impacted residents, a service the residents will have to pay for.

Bill and Wayne are just ready to have the problem fixed.


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