Colleges in Iowa and Illinois part of RecycleMania competition

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More than 460 colleges, including campuses in Iowa and Illinois, are part of the 2014 year’s RecycleMania competition to promote recycling and reduce trash on campus.

The annual 8-week-long competition is designed to increase recycling efforts on college campuses of all sizes.  Schools compete in 11 categories to recycle paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastic bottles, electronics and composting food organics.

Monmouth College and Western Illinois University are among 16 Illinois campuses participating in the 2014 RecycleMania competition.

Five Iowa schools are participating, including the University of Iowa.

The 2014 competition began in January and ends March 29.  Final results will be announced April 11.

Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, won the award for paper recycling in the 2012 competition.

In 2013, 3.5 million students and staff from 523 colleges collected more than 90 million pounds of recyclable materials during the competition.