State senator visits Oquawka to discuss water issue

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After more than a month without water, people in Oquawka, Illinois are hoping they can get some help. Twelve occupied homes and three rentals are still waiting for water.

Becky Staebell has been without water since February 7, 2014. Yesterday, her neighbor hooked up a hose from their house to her house for water.

“So we've been able to use everything that we have here,” said Staebell.

Many homeowners in Oquawka, fed up with not having answers for when they might get water, reached out to Senator John Sullivan for help.

“Because of the depth of the frost and because of not knowing where the lines are frozen, it's created just a very difficult situation,” said Sullivan.

Friday afternoon, he met with homeowners, the Village Board and Mayor Sandra Moody Friday afternoon.

“If there is a need, if they think that there's a need, whether it's equipment to dig it up at some point in time or additional resources, we want to help out,” he said.

Mayor Moody says she has asked for extra hands and equipment.

“There's a couple that have been thawing on their own and we've been pouring in new lines under roads,” said Jeff Peterson, Street and Water Supervisor for Oquawka.

The major problem is with plastic lines. There’s no organized list for which house they will go to next. Some are suggestions from the Village Board.

Becky Staebell hopes they’ll get to her soon.

“I appreciate the hard work they do, but I just wish they'd get to our house,” said Staebell.

Her neighbor’s hose can only last so long.

Bottled water is available at the Village Hall and the Oquawka Fire Department. A shower is also available at the Oquawka Fire Department.


  • Penny Mathews Henry

    There are at least 40 homes in Galesburg without water. My daughter has been without water for 7 weeks. The water department told her that she would have to wait until the ground thaws then the pipes thaw and she will have water.

  • Samantha

    Only 12 without water in the whole town? What a lucky town!

    On my BLOCK there is no water across the street from corner to corner.

    On my side of the block about half has had no water.

    We haven’t had water since the day before valentines day.

    City’s reaction? “We were hoping you would get it back in the beginning of March, but looking at the weather, you SHOULD get it back somewhere mid April. It’s not just your block, it’s like this all over the city”

    I actually went tent camping and had better access to running water.

    to top it all off? “While you will not be charged for water usage, since you are not using any water, all the flat fees still apply”

    Yep folks. No water for months, but we will still be getting a water bill.

    Welcome to the city of Rock Island.

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