Moline tennis player hopes to be 3-time champion

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A Moline High School tennis player is heading toward the conference championship hoping to defend his two-time title.

Senior Justin Rumley has played tennis since 6th grade and says he made the right choice when choosing between baseball and tennis.

“[In] tennis it’s up to you, especially in singles,” said Rumley. “You’re the only guy on the court. You determine who wins and who loses for the most part and you know what to work on and when to work on it.”

Rumley said he’s found that tennis is more mental than physical.

“I just keep pushing, stick to the basics, and stick to what I know and what I’ve practiced,” he said.

As a long-time tennis player, Rumley said he’s found a connection between his sport and his faith in God.

“When I put my faith in Christ, that is who I am, that is where I find my satisfaction,” he said. “So tennis is just a sport for me, just for fun and a great ministry opportunity I now see… It’s a great way for me to focus to stay calm, and just to play well out there.”