Sesame Street doles out hugs for Genesis pediatric

Kids got a surprise visit today by the beloved Sesame Street characters, Grover and Elmo, at the Genesis Outpatient Pediatric Center.

The two characters played with the kids and dolled out plenty of hugs to promote their show, Sesame Street Live, at the iWireless Center tonight.

Pediatric Physical Therapist, Katie Powers, said the kids were very excited to get to meet their idols.

"It's a real neat experience for them because these [are] kids role models and heroes - these are the characters they see and cherish on TV," Powers said. "So to get to see them in real life is really exciting for them."

Sesame Street Live performs Thursday, March 13, at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are on sale starting at $16.60 on their website.


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