Despite strong chlorine smell, utility company says water is safe

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Even though Quad City area customers have said they are sensing a stronger chlorine smell or taste in their water, the utility company assures residents that their water is still safe.

Iowa American Water said on Thursday, March 13, 2014 that customers have been reporting a stronger-than-normal chlorine taste or smell in their drinking water, but “the water remains safe for consumption and all other uses.”

A spokesperson from the company said the problem is temporary and "aesthetically-related."

“The stronger chlorine smell in the water is the result of a seasonal elevation in organics in the Mississippi River due to the recent, rapid snow melt,” said director of operations, Charlie Jones. “We want to assure our customers, however, that the water flowing from their taps continues to meet all water quality regulations and is safe for consumption.”

Iowa American Water explained that leaves, grass, animal droppings, and farm runoff (referred to earlier as “organics”) are routinely removed through disinfection. When higher levels of organics are disinfected from the water, typically in the spring and fall, the result is a stronger chlorine taste or smell in the water. It doesn’t necessarily mean there is more chlorine in the water.

Click here to see Iowa American Water's full explanation.

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