Police say Iowa man tried to trade sex for a boat trailer

Stan Syring photo from Linn County Jail

Stan Syring photo from Linn County Jail

An Iowa man is accused of posting an offer on Craigslist to give sex in exchange for a boat trailer.

Stan Syring, 37, of Clarence, met with an undercover Marion, Iowa Police officer who responded to his Craigslist ad Tuesday, March 4, 2014.

The two met the following Monday, March 10, and agreed to an undisclosed sex act in exchange for Syring getting a boat trailer.

Then Syring was arrested.

Court records show Syring was charged with one count of prostitution, which is an aggravated misdemeanor.

Jail records say he was booked and later released from the Linn County Jail.

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  • Jake Stoddard

    What a complete waste of resources. I guess it’s okay to not be fiscally conservative onl,y if it’s to penalize a social issue. I guess you can toss that “freedom” idea out the window.

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