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Viral Video: 3-year-old wants cupcakes for dinner


“Listen, listen, listen Linda!  Honey!”

So goes the negotiations from Mateo, who seems beyond his years as he tries to convince his mom, Linda Beltran, that cupcakes are a good idea for dinner.

Watch how Ellen Degeneres later granted Mateo’s wish – click here.

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  • Lora

    First of all, calling his mother Linda?? Oh not! Not happening! It sounds like he is repeating what he hears his father say…or whoever…second of all, she shouldn’t be letting him argue with her…crazy!

  • Sue Wulf

    I would put him in the corner. Sounds like she lives with her parents. I think the boy is hearing his grandparents talk to his mom. He calls her by her name. It is sort of cute him trying to get the cupcake.

  • Allie Ramker

    I am in love with this child! His voice is too cute and he talks like he is so grown. Linda honey listen! Adorable!!

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