Prophetstown teen heroes get surprise salute for fire relief

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Prophetstown fire 7-15-13 photo from Kurt Schwab

It’s a special song for Prophetstown High students on Monday.

Members of the MWAH! Performing Arts Troupe are reaching out to recognize these volunteers. It’s a surprise salute from teens to teens.

“It’s an indescribable feeling,” said senior Colleen Jacobs, 18. “Knowing that we’re strong as we could be, and they are here to support us in our strength.”

Prophetstown students pitched in after a devastating downtown fire last July. Youngsters joined the battle against smoke and debris. They helped to save historic and precious items in the effort.

“Even after the fire, we were loading bricks, clearing everything and helping out,” said senior Ethan Howard, 18.

That outreach represents a caring community. It shows how students were willing to step up during a challenging time.

“I drive those roads now,” said senior Shyan Dessins, 17. “I used to walk those roads. I know the buildings. It’s just really nice when you can come together and be a community like that.”

The musical salute is a moving way to say thanks. Teens are inspiring other teens to do great things. It’s just the right thing to do in this community.

“Like they say, Prophet-strong,” said Jacobs. “We have a very strong community, and I’m proud of that.”

It’s a triumph of good deeds over a city tragedy. Real-life lessons that become a genuine cause to celebrate.