Ferris wheel goes up at Modern Woodmen Park

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Projected image of what the Ferris wheel would look like upon completion

The bike path was closed as crews were set to install the Ferris wheel at Modern Woodmen Park the week of March 10, 2014.

The first truckload of parts was expected to arrive Monday morning, March 10, so crews could install base plates for the Ferris wheel that day.

Between Tuesday and Thursday, four support legs were to be installed and the spokes for the wheel will then be hung.  A crane is involved in that step, and activity more than 50 feet in the air will be visible during that part of the construction.  The spokes get spread out to form the wheel later.

The Ferris wheel will be elevated to avoid flooding along the Mississippi River.

Original plans included opening the Ferris wheel in the summer of 2013, but ground preparation was delayed by repeated flooding in the spring.  Drilling, which was the initial phase of construction for the Ferris wheel, began in October 2013.

Plans for new attractions at Modern Woodmen Park also include a carousel, a new ride called “Drop and Twist,” an auto-belay rock climbing wall, expanding the zip line and adding other new games and attractions.

The bike path was expected to be closed to pedestrians and bicycles for at least one week, and it could remain closed until March 21 according to a spokesperson for the City of Davenport.


  • Charlie

    This is going to be so distracting. I go to watch baseball, not some overweight little curmudgeon screaming at the top of his lungs, “Look at me!! Look at me!!” while on this ride or any ride, let alone while in the seating section. It’s bad enough that parents don’t monitor their kids behaviour at the ballpark and they run amuck. Now we’ve got this to contend with. Oh, joy.

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