Opposing developers may join forces in Davenport casino construction

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After Rhythm City Casino was finally sold to developer Dan Kehl in January 2014, the site location for a new casino is still up in the air.

The original location for the new land-based casino was off of Interstate 80, east of Brady Street and north of Veterans Memorial Parkway, but now Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba says he would like to see the new casino built near I-80 and I-74. Gluba said that on Sunday, March 9, 2014.

This was the location that developer Rodney Blackwell had proposed in September of 2013. Blackwell had proposed a $250 million project that would have included a casino, hotel, retail and residential space near the intersection of Interstate 80 and Interstate 74.

Ultimately, the Riverboat Development Authority chose Kehl’s plan over Blackwell's.

The spin now, is that Mayor Gluba would like to see the two work together to build the casino on Blackwell’s proposed site.

"If that's what makes the most sense and he and Mr. Kehl conclude that that makes the most sense to maximize the return on their investment, to maximize the amount of revenue the city gets, to maximize and stimulate more growth around it, it just makes good sense,” Gluba said.

The mayor’s vision includes Kehl building his casino and Blackwell adding in a potential water park and outlet mall.

Blackwell said he would like to see the casino and entertainment complex built in the location of his original proposal.  Mr. Kehl was not immediately available for comment Sunday.