Families race to beat the flood

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Families living off of Rock River in Moline are scurrying to get their possessions on higher ground.

This just two days after the National Weather Service released an updated flood outlook for the Quad Cities.

But the flooding isn't their biggest fear.

"The ice jams are what can cause a lot of damage," said Judy Miller, who has lived off of  Rock River for 24 years.

"If the ice jam comes up to our deck, it could crash the whole thing," said Judy.

And with ice comes water. Warmer temperatures expected in the upcoming days and puts those like Craig and Judy at risk.

"We have been working for the past few days to move our things up and away from the river," said Craig Miller.

Craig and his wife Judy say they love their home.

"It's like raising a family at a resort," said Judy Miller, as she looks out to the river from an open window in her living room.

Craig has a newspaper article hanging in his home of water surrounding his house in the flood of April 2008. And again in 2013 when the Quad Cities saw record flooding.

That's why he doesn't take any chances. You could say he has learned the tricks of living off the river.

"In our garage, we make sure their is nothing on the ground because water has gotten nearly four feet deep in here," said Craig.

But through the fear of floods, when Craig and Judy get a glimpse of the sun setting over the water, there's no doubt in their mind why it's worth the risk.

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