Mystery surrounds baby’s body found in Missouri cave

Days after it was found, police said they were still searching for the person who dumped the body of a baby in a cave in Missouri.

Two biology students found the body near the campus of Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 according to our sister station WDAF-TV.  The students, who were in the area researching snakes, initially thought the baby was a doll when they saw it lying near burned trash.  When they looked closer, they discovered it was the body of a baby.

Police had not yet revealed whether the baby was a boy or a girl.  They said the infant was Caucasian and near full-term.

Investigators hoped to hear from anyone in that area who knows a pregnant woman who may have been due in February or March and possibly could not explain her baby’s birth.  A university spokesman said they still had no solid leads as of Wednesday, March 6.

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