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SouthPark Mall rehab sparks optimism

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Mimzi Haut, painter and expert framer, has been helping customers at her business just down the street from SouthPark Mall for 25 years.

As part owner of Mimzi’s Art and Frames, she’s seen the different shapes and colors of the mall, but the dullness at SouthPark has not impacted the sale of her pictures and frames.

“We've been a destination business and we've stayed busy,” said Haut.

But she’s hoping renovations to the mall could point more business to her.

“Anything that improves this part of the town, I mean any improvement they make is going to bring more people by here and of course that will benefit us because they'll drive by and see our store,” she said.

The Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce hopes so too.

“As we sell more outlets here, as the mall proper gets back into good strength, it can be a catalytic project for the rest of the area here at SouthPark,” said Paul Rumler, Chief Economic Development Officer and Executive Vice President at the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce.

“I think they're going to draw some really nice tenants and that will draw people from all over the Quad Cities, the outlying cities I believe,” said Haut.

Potentially bringing more people to the mall and surrounding businesses.