Cleveland home explodes, shakes up neighborhood

Neighbors were shaken when a Cleveland home was destroyed in an explosion.

WJW reported that it did not appear anyone was injured in the explosion Thursday, March 6, 2014, but another home was damaged.

A neighbor said he was inside his home when he heard the explosion. By the time he got outside debris from the home was falling from the sky. Another neighbor said the boom was so loud she thought something happened inside her own home.

Crews are investigating what may have caused the explosion. They said there were no reports of a gas-smell in the area but it is possible that someone broke into the home and tampered with pipes.

The home was made of brick, and was reportedly in “pristine condition.” The homeowner moved out about one year prior to the explosion, and while the owner said the house was indeed vacant, it was not abandoned. Utilities were still active and the home was on the market.

Sky view of Cleveland home

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