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Here’s how you can rate Davenport Police

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The Davenport Police Department wants to know how they’re doing. The department is sending a survey in the mail to people that have been issued a traffic ticket or warning, were the driver in an accident or were the victim of a non violent crime like theft.

The survey can be taken online, by phone or by scanning a QR Code sent to you by Davenport Police.  The letters sent from the Davenport Police Department will include a special code so that only one survey is completed for each person.

All of the survey responses are anonymous and will be managed by University of Illinois at Chicago researchers. The survey is administered by UIC as part of the National Police Research Platform’s Police Community Interaction Survey.

"These surveys are very important to us because we want feedback. We want to know how we're doing and if we can do better. We certainly want to improve and so we need people to tell us are we doing a good job? Or are there some deficiencies and if there are some deficiencies what areas are those?" said Davenport Police Chief Frank Donchez.