Bettendorf hotel to be gutted and renovated

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A massive renovation of a long standing Quad City hotel is moving forward. The Lodge hotel is set to ditch both its name and its look.

It's a landmark that's seen better days.

"It was a piece that just wasn't Bettendorf's, it was really the entire region's facility, because everybody knew what it was. It was such an important facility," said Steve Van Dyke, economic development director for the city of Bettendorf.

The Lodge Hotel in Bettendorf has been around since 1973. Back then it was the place to stay, but now is falling off the radar.

Over the years, the hotel's facade aged, leaving rusty vents and chipping paint.

"It's seen it's day and now it's time to take the exterior off and give it new treatments, " said Van Dyke.

The hotel will be gutted, made over inside and outside to be transformed into a Double Tree hotel.

"They'll now have a national flag, I mean double tree by Hilton, their reservation system will be one that everyone has access to, " said Van Dyke.

The local owners will stay the same, but the German theme and the name will go. They'll also go from 210 to 180 rooms, making some into suites.

Soon it will have a modern look. The renovation is a $17 million dollar project, expected to be done by the end of the year.

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  • Brenda Johnson

    What is going to happen to all the couples that have booked weddings, and receptions at the Lodge this coming year ???? It is very hard to find venues at the last minute ,do they need to start looking else where ? Will deposits be returned ? Or does management have a plan to honor the booked wedding plans?

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