QC business owners say minimum wage push is too much, too fast

A recent push for Iowa to increase it’s minimum wage has some local business owners worried.

Greatest Grains owner Julie Martens is in favor of a wage increase, but she’s worried what it will mean for her customers when she will have to increase prices.

“I think everybody should earn more money, especially the minimum wage worker, but the person who is really going to pay for that is the consumer,” said Martens.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jack Hash led a rally on Tuesday to gain support for a minimum wage to go from $7.25  to $10.10 an hour. Hash said 300,000 Iowans would see a pay increase from a raise in the minimum wage.

Martens says if there will be a change, she would prefer it came slowly rather than a fast hike in wages.

“I would like to see minimum wage go up, I really think it should, but I would like to see it go up a little bit incrementally so that all of us could make the adjustments we need to make,” Martens said.

Greatest Grains employee Caitlin Anderson works part time at the store while going to St. Ambrose University.  She says she would definitely see a pay increase if the minimum wage was increased.

“It would be good for me,” said Anderson.

However, Anderson says she also realizes a wage increase could also mean less opportunity for others to work there.

Either way, it will probably take some time before a final decision is made.


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