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As Moline Business Grows, History Stays the Same

It's just the beginning of the transformation in downtown Moline, with new businesses opening their doors and more families moving nearby.  Amidst all the new, there's a big push underway to retain it's historic charm.

Orin Rockhold, director of the Rock Island County Historical Society flips through old pictures of downtown Moline.

"It was busy, I mean a lot was going on in Moline, I mean look at the factory's that were down there," said Rockhold.

A lot of those businesses no longer exist, but Lagomarcino's has been around since 1908. Owner, Beth Lagomarcino remembers her father's stories of downtown.

"There was seven theaters downtown, the high school was just up the hill, this was the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights," said Lagomarcino.

That was then and this is now, a downtown that has slowed down. However, it's starting to pick up steam, Brix, a new restaurant is under construction. Its just one of the many new businesses to pop up downtown.

"There's growth, there's opportunities with the new hotel and the train coming through, then the Western Illinois campus, it's just seems to be the place to be," said Mike DeWitte, one of the owner's for Brix.

Other new addictions include, Barrel House and Barley and Rye to the downtown area. Not to mention residential growth, double what downtown Davenport has.

All are new changes while keeping Moline's past alive.

"The possibilities are endless," said Lagomarcino.

Other projects are on the horizon. Brix pizza's set to open in early May 2014. Customer's will be able to see some historical aspects of the building, that had been covered for years.

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