St. Ambrose concert focuses on ‘sustainability’

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Sustainability was the word in each performer’s head as St. Ambrose presented a winter choir concert.

On Sunday, March 2, 2014 the “Sustainability Concert” was held at the Galvin Fine Arts Center in Davenport. The choir was part of a yearlong project series all themed around sustainability.

“It’s celebrating the connection that we have between human and the natural world through music,” said Bill Campbell, the assistant professor of music and chair of the music department.

Three songs written by Campbell on poems of internationally known poet Wendell Berry were performed during the concert. “The Clearing Rests in Song and Shade,” “I Go Among the Trees,” and “Sit Still and All the Earth Shall Sing,” were the names of the numbers.

“These songs are about finding peace and unity within nature,” Campbell said.

The concert not only held a strong theme, but also was a way for many in the university’s music department to participate.

“Every one of our music faculty will be involved in one way or another and a lot of our students on stage as well,” Campbell said.

The concert included spoken narration, visual images, and performances by the University Chorale, the Chamber Singers, and men’s vocal ensemble Bee Sharp.