Show and Tell Us: How are you coping with the long winter?

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The “Polar Vortex,” “Santa’s Revenge” or whatever you call it, we’re sick of winter.

Winter seemed to start especially early this season, with our first accumulating snow on October 22, 2013. The snow left thousands of area residents without electricity and stranded others.

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Even when it hasn’t snowed, temps have been especially cold.  You could practically hear the nation’s groan when that little groundhog predicted winter was far from over.

Family psychologist Dr. David Palmiter says you can adjust your mood by focusing on the positive – try to exercise outdoors or indoors, write down what you’re grateful for, commit an act of kindness or recall a happy memory.

Some of our staff members have decided to mentally move past winter, even if Mother Nature insists it isn’t over yet.  Foods of summer seem to be one of the choice methods for the mind game. One of our photojournalists said he protested winter by making potato salad and tuna salad, which are usual summertime fare for him.  Other news staffers channeled summer thoughts with ice cream.

Share your ideas and photos here – what’s the best way to conquer the effects of a long winter?  Share your photos by clicking the “submit your photo” button below.

And, remember….

It could be worse – you could be the guy who got nailed by snow thrown by a passing snowplow:

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