Iowa woman returns $1,000 in found cash

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A Dubuque-area woman says it was easier to return a found wad of cash to its owner than it would have been to keep the money.

Amanda Willenbring of New Vienna, Iowa was at a Dubuque medical office when she spotted a wad of cash on the ground in the parking lot.  She says she first noticed the orange and white bank label wrapped around the money, then she realized it was a stack of $100 bills.

It turned out to be $1,000 in cash, according to KCRG.

She could have easily kept the money, but instead she turned it in.  As it turns out, the money belonged to a man who had taken his wheelchair-bound mother to that medical office earlier in the day.

“I got cash (from the bank) to buy my mom come new computer equipment.  The money must have fallen out of my back pocket when I was loading her into her wheelchair,” said Luke Meyer of Rockford, Illinois.  Meyer said he didn’t realize the money was missing until he was driving back to Rockford.

When he called the clinic to ask if anyone had turned in the money, he was shocked to hear the answer was, “Yes.”

Willenbring said it was easier for her to turn in the money.

“I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I kept that money,” she said.


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